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How to auto fish in BDO Black Desert Online?

In order to auto fish, simply press the casting button (space bar on PC) and watch the fish pile up. Actively fishing is faster, but also more tedious. Consequently, many players use their pet, rod and clothing bonuses to reduce their auto fishing times and then let the game do the work for them. Auto Fishing BDO Black Desert Online Fishing guide

Where to buy fishing rods in Black Desert Online?

The artisan fishing rods, named after ports in Black Desert Online, can usually be bought from the marketplace. What is most important about those rods is that they can be enhanced and repaired while the others are ruined once their durability runs out.

Is fishing in BDO worth it?

Eminent’s BDO Fishing Guide. Introduction. Fishing can either be a semi-active activity, or one of the most afk Life Skills in the game. Fishing is popular among new players because of how easy it is to get into, but late game it can also be one of your biggest money makers.

How do you auto fish in fishing?

To be able to auto fish you only need a fishing rod and access to water with fish. However, to maximize earnings while auto fishing requires some thought and character skills. If you are more interested in actively fishing, then please check out my other fishing guide.

How much silver do you need to buy a fishing rod in Black Desert?

To purchase a Fishing Rod in Black Desert Online, you’ll need to have 500 Silver available. Once you have enough Silver, locate your nearest Fishing Vendor (such as Crio in Velia). When inspecting the Fishing Rods, you’ll note they have the same durability component as other equipment in Black Desert Online.

What to do when you run out of inventory?

When you run out of inventory space, you’ll stop auto fishing. Should your Fishing Rod break, you’ll stop auto fishing. To yield the most fish, your inventory will need to be relatively empty. To empty your inventory, head to a Warehouse NPC or Storage Chest and clear as many items out as you can.

Can you auto fish in Black Desert Online?

Before you start fishing, though, you’ll need to clear out your inventory as much as possible.

Is it hard to auto fish?

When looking for a good fishing spot, it’s important to remember that areas with a high amount of fishing will have exhausted resources, making it harder to auto fish.

Can you add videos to your watch history?

Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

Who is Morgan Shaver?

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What level do you get a mediah fishing rod?

As your fishing skill increases you will start getting better grade fish and at fishing level Artisan 1 you will gain access to the Mediah Fishing Rod. The unique ability of this rod is to increase the chance of catching rare fish. At that point, you need to consider if you wish to keep your previous rod or change it to a Mediah one.

How many throws can you get with a Balenos rod?

The importance of the fishing skill when comparing the Balenos fishing rod to the Epheria rod lies in the fact that at higher fishing levels you have an increased chance of conserving the durability of your fishing rod. Meaning that at fishing level beginner 1 you would get at most 90 throws out of a +4 Epheria rod, while at master 1 you could get 130-140 throws.

What is the most important thing to have when fishing in Black Desert Online?

For auto fishing, the most important thing is your fishing rod. In Black Desert Online there are a few different tiers of fishing rods. The first rod you will likely get is the Old Fishing Rod. That rod is surpassed by the Fishing Rod, followed by the Thick Fishing Rod, Steel Fishing Rod, Golden Fishing Rod, and finally the Artisan Fishing Rods which are generally considered best. Each fishing rod tier has a certain level requirement, varying durability, and different special effects.

How long can you keep blue and yellow fish?

Now you might wonder why it would be a good idea to discard fish. Well, once you gain access to good fishing rods with durability that allows you to reliably fish for 8 to 10 hours straight while AFK, you might want to start keeping only blue and yellow fish.

What is a brand spell stone?

Finally, there is a special item that reduces the durability loss of items by 50% called a brand spell stone. The brand spell stone can be acquired through events so that’s something to keep an eye out for or purchased in the Pearl store. It’s not expensive and if you do a lot of AFK fishing then it is certainly worth it. Just remember that you cannot remove a brand stone from a rod without destroying the stone, so just use it on rods you intend to keep.

Which is better for auto fishing: Mediah or Balenos?

Now, remember that you can choose to discard low-grade fish. If you decide to do so the Mediah rod might on some occasions be the best auto-fishing rod as its increased ability to catch rare fish is a counterpoint to the “lost” durability when you catch low-rank fish with the Epheria or Balenos rod. However, you do not get any extra durability from enhancing the Mediah rod (or the Calpheon one) so this is something to consider. Personally, I only use the Epheria and Balenos rods for auto-fishing, even after getting to master fishing levels.

How to increase fishing rank?

But the simplest way is to get +2 Silver Embroidered Fisher’s Clothes and join a guild with a +3 bonus to fishing rank.

What is auto fishing in Black Desert Online?

Auto fishing in Black Desert Online is a core component of the game. Through it you not only gain precious EXP, but get loads of fish you can sell off for supplemental income.

How to keep from fishing nonstop?

The first is to empty your inventory to the best of your ability. There are two bottlenecks to keep you from fishing nonstop: Fishing rod durability. Inventory space. You are going to run out of one or both of these while fishing, which makes it important to check on your character once in a while when auto fishing.

What happens if you try to fish near Velia?

If you try to do so near Velia or any other population hub, you’re going to run into exhausted resources. It takes longer to have anything bite in areas where their fish numbers are exhausted or low. Ideally you want to fish in areas where they are abundant.

Where to stop for fishing excursion?

It’s imperative that you clean out your inventory before getting your character set up for a prolonged fishing excursion. Be sure to stop at a warehouse NPC or a storage chest in one of your properties to make room.

Can you use a fishing hole in BDO?

Any notable mass of water can be used as a fishing hole in BDO, and there are plenty to choose from, but if you want to have your auto fishing excursion be truly fruitful, you’ve got to be picky.

Is 500 silver fishing rod durable?

You’ll have to buy another rod once you’ve depleted the durability on one, but luckily 500 Silver is extremely cheap.

Who is Velia’s trade manager?

Velia’s Trade Manager is Bahar, but there are plenty about.

How to get currency in Black Desert Online?

Fishing is one of the top ways to gain currency in Black Desert Online. Consequently, players have been honing the act down to a science ever since the game’s release. If you want to be a master of the seas, check out the tips provided down below.

How to maximize your fishing effectiveness?

In order to maximize your fishing effectiveness, you are going to have to find a prime fishing spot. You can check out somethinglovely.net for a detailed map of the game’s sea regions and fishing tables. The fishing table will reveal which fish you will be capable of catching within that sea region.

What is the first fishing rod?

There are different tiers of fishing rods. The first one you will receive will be called the Old Fishing Rod. This item is not useful for much outside of teaching you the basics of fishing. If you want to get serious about your angling, then you are going to want to upgrade.

What does the fishing table reveal?

The fishing table will reveal which fish you will be capable of catching within that sea region. Sometimes an area’s once abundant resources may get overused by other anglers, so make sure to bounce around locations when fishing.

What pets can you get to boost your fishing bonus?

If you want to boost your fishing bonuses to their max, then you are going to want to grab one of three pets. The marmot, polar bear and the penguin pet each grant a useful fishing bonus. Based on their level, they will reduce your auto fishing time from somewhere between 10-20%.

What does silver embroidery do in fishing?

The silver embroidered fisher’s clothes will increase your fishing rank, fishing experience and movement speed. Consequently, you are going to want to nab a pair as soon as you can. You can craft one at a costume mill. There are also fishing outfits, which offer marginal benefits.

How long does it take for a fish to become valueless?

The value of the fish you catch will deteriorate with time. Within 24 hours , the fish will become valueless. However, there is a catch.

How many fish tables are there in Serendia?

As for freshwater, each region has 1 fish table. This means if you’re fishing in Serendia, it doesn’t matter what river you fish in, you’ll get the same stuff. Balenos has it’s own freshwater fish table, and so does Calpheon, etc. Margoria has one Rare species group which is used for all Margoria ocean fishing tables, including Ross Sea, Vadabin Sea and Juur Sea.

What are the two categories of fishing rods?

Fishing rods can be split into 2 categories: repairable, and nonrepairable. At first glance it may seem that repairable rods are far better, but they actually both have their place.

How many pearls are in a brand stone rod?

Halving your durability consumption is an extremely significant effect, and it will make your rod much more useful. Brand Stones cost 400 Pearls in the Pearl Shop.

How many fish can you catch with a triple float rod?

In the case of the Triple-Float Fishing Rod, it has the chance of catching 0-3 extra fish. This means 1 base fish + 3 extra fish (triple float) + 1 extra fish (if you spend energy on your cast) = 5 fish as the theoretical max. Getting 5 is unlikely, since you only spend energy on your casts on coel hotspots, and getting 4 fish is also fairly rare.

Why is fishing so popular?

Fishing is popular among new players because of how easy it is to get into , but late game it can also be one of your biggest money makers. Fishing is an extremely relaxing activity, but it is also one of the most difficult Life Skills to get on the Leader Boards.

What is a big fish?

Big fish – blue grade fish. Have a largeness or size quality used in gaining knowledge for ranking purposes. To view fish size rankings press Esc, Info/Function, then Fish Guide

What is a fish table?

A “fish table” just refers to what fish you can catch in any particular area, as well as the % chance of getting each kind of fish. It’s important to think of fish tables and sea regions separately because even though they are usually very similar, sometimes there’s a bit of overlap.

What does the Crio’s fishing chair do?

This increases your chance to catch specific fish. The Crio’s Fishing Chair also increases your ancient relic drop rate. You may also purchase the Epheria Sailboat as it enables you to sail into the ocean and fish there. When you do this, you get the chance to go to better drop tables to catch rare fish.

What do you get with fishing ability?

You may want to get the silver embroidered fisher’s clothes. These clothes give you additional fishing ability that helps decrease the time it takes to catch fish. If you are in a guild with +3 fishing, you also get the additional fishing ability. This way, you don’t have to spend real money on the game.

How many points can you get in fishing mastery?

It can have a maximum of 5 points. Each level in your fishing level reduces the amount of time that you get a bite. This increases the rate that you fish, whether when you manually fish or when you auto fish. Your Fishing Mastery can be viewed in the Life info tab.

What happens if you cut the time for auto fishing?

If you cut the time for auto fishing, the time that you have to wait for your character to reel in the fish is also decreased.

How many points can you get in AFK fishing?

Your fishing level can be viewed in your battle stats. It can have a maximum of 5 points.

How much does a marmot pet reduce fishing time?

But if you have real cash to spend, what you can do instead is to invest in a Marmot. A Marmot pet reduces fishing time by 10%.

What to do when you do auto fishing?

When you do auto fishing, you wait for the fishing process to be over. Your character will do everything for you. With that, you can go ahead and do the things that you want to do. You may take a quick bathroom break, text your girlfriend, call your Mom, do an assignment, or eat, whatever you want to do.

How To Sell Fish In BDO?

However, they only buy specific types of fish. If you are just looking to sell all your fish at once, go to the Trade Manager instead.

What do you need to get started in AFK fishing?

Fishing Rod. To get started in AFK Fishing, you need to have a fishing rod. One of the best rods available in the Central Market is the Balenos Fishing Rod +10. If you don’t have enough silver to spend, then you may accept and complete a quest to get a rod for free.

What to equip your rod with for AFK?

For minimal repairs, equip your rod with Item Brand Spell Stone, and you will not have to worry even if you plan to go AFK for a long time. Pets are also great to have when AFK Fishing, especially the penguins, can reduce fishing time. Inventory space also helps alot for increasing afk time.

How to get silver in Black Desert?

Earning silver in Black Desert can be very easy if you take advantage of AFK Fishing. Auto-fishing will allow you to get richer in the game without having to spend too much time and effort.

How to fish in a safe zone?

Just remember to fish in a safe zone. Once you are near the water, you may then press ‘Space’ to begin fishing. Click the pop-up message at the top of your screen and click on ‘Do not board other adventures’ ships.’. Below, there is an option to discard fish based on grades.

How much life skill can you have with a seafood cron meal?

Using Seafood Cron Meals is also suggested to have that extra +25 Life Skill Mastery and increased Weight Limit of +100 LT.

Can you get multiple fish with a fishing rod?

This rod can get multiple fish in just one catch. Once you have obtained a fishing rod, remember to equip it first before you start fishing.

What does auto fishing do?

Auto-fishing begins automatically when you snag something but do not begin to reel it in manually. This function allows you to go AFK while still grinding for some extra coin. If you plan to be away for an extended amount of time, you should mark the "Throw away useless items while auto-fishing" checkbox.

What is the best way to use fish?

Perhaps the most obvious use for fishing is for cooking . Fish can be salted and preserved in several ways through the culinary arts or cooked up fresh in a variety of dishes. Various species are also required ingredients in some alchemy formulas. Stacks of dried fish can be bundled into trade goods when using a fisherman’s workbench, and there are two options for selling your catches as well.

What are castaway items?

Baggio, Holio, Jiro, and the NPC around the West Guard Camp bridge are the quest givers of these tasks involving catches such as tattered boots or broken hooks. However, there are several other uses for the more pertinent catches outside of questing.

What is a hotspot in Valencia?

Additionally, if you ever see a flock of seagulls gathering around a certain point, that is known as a ‘hotspot’ and indicates the appearance of a rare fish species in the vicinity.

How to cast a fish on a meter?

To cast your line, settle up to the water’s edge and press the space bar. Once you’ve baited a fish onto the hook, you’ll need to press the space bar when the meter is in the blue zone to hook the fish. You’ll then mimic some sequence of WASD as it appears on the screen within a limited time in order to reel in the catch.

How to tell if a fish population has been exhausted?

Sometimes this will be displayed graphically, too, through schools of fish appearing in the water. But, conversely, the pop-up may tell you the population has been exhausted, in which case fat chance you’ll catch anything more than a manky old boot.

What level do you need to equip a Maple Tree Float?

They are classified as a secondary weapon, as far as equipping is concerned, and come in two varieties: Ash Tree Float, with an extra 1% chance to reel in big fish catches, requires a Professional level 1 to equip. Maple Tree Float, with an extra 1% chance to reel in rare catches, requires Artisan level 1 to equip.

What fishing rod do you need for AFK?

For afk fishing you want to have a +10 Balenos Fishing Rod. This is because the Balenos Fishing Rod can be enhanced and to give higher durability and also increase the speed that you AFK fish. The balenos fishing rod can also be repaired, unlike many other fishing rods.

How to set up AFK fishing?

To set up AFK fishing, all you have to do is cast your line. When you get a bite, your character will wait 3 minutes (base time) for you to manually catch the fish. If you don’t catch the fish then the game will automatically catch it for you and it will go straight into your inventory.

What level do you need to be to fish without popping food?

Ideally though you want to try and maintain fishing ability level 5 without popping food/elixirs/alchemy stone so that you have the level 5 buff for AFK fishing as well.

What is the easiest skill to get into?

Introduction. Fishing is one of the easiest life skills to get into because all you really need is a fishing rod to get started. Fishing can be done actively or AFK and many players choose to AFK fish on an alt character overnight for extra profit. Fish do not stack in your inventory though so having lots of inventory space is important …

How to get a perfect reel in a sandbox?

You must press [SPACE] to begin the mini-game. Next, a bar will pop up that will fill and empty 3 times maximum before automatically failing. You must press [SPACE] again whilst the bar is in the blue area. If you succeed then you reach the last phase of the minigame. If you fail you have to re-cast your line and wait for another bite. You can obtain a perfect reel if you manage to press spacebar at the exact time that the bar is completely full. On a perfect reel, you get to skip the last part of the minigame and get your fish instantly.

How much silver is harpoon fishing worth?

Higher chance of catching Legendary Fish when Harpoon fishing – worth 50 million to 100 million silver. Higher chance of obtaining Ancient Relic Crystal Shards. Investing in Mastery gear is really not worth it unless you want to Harpoon fish or actively fish.

What is the best way to maximise the quality and quantity of fish caught?

To maximise the quality and quantity of fish caught you need to have either high fishing level and/or maximum fishing ability level.

Where to Sell Your Fish?

You should always aim to sell your blue and yellow grade fish to an imperial fish trader as they give you a fixed 250% price on the fish they buy, which are most of the yellow and blue grade fish.

How rare is a +10 mediah rod?

To put this into perspective, if the base chance of getting rare fish is 2%, the chance of getting rare fish with a +10 Mediah rod and a +10 maple float is now 12%. So, for every 100 catches, you will get 12 yellow fish with the +10 Mediah rod and +10 maple float instead of only 2. This is something I have tested myself and confirmed. Below is a screenshot of this test.

What is the best fishing rod for afk fishing?

The Balenos rod is best used for auto-fishing (afk-fishing) as it has a good reduction to the auto-fishing timer. At + 10 enhancement level the rod gets a -25% reduction to the auto-fishing timer. It also gets +5 to its durability per level so at +10 the Balenos rod has a durability of 100.

What is the fishing rank?

Your fishing rank ranges from 0 to 5 and its sole purpose is to reduce the average time spent from throwing the line until a fish bites. I believe the time reduction is around 7% per level for a max of about 35% at fishing rank 5. What makes this hard to pin down is the fact that there seems to be a system in place that depends on time brackets. For example, at rank 0 the time from throw to bite might never be lower than 40 and never higher than 80. This is due to what I call a timescale bracket.

How to increase your fishing rank?

The easiest way to increase your fishing rank is to join a guild that has invested in the fishing skill line. This can increase your fishing rank by +3.

What are the groups in RNG?

The RNG starts with determining which main group you get your loot from. The groups are prize catch, treasure, rare fish, big fish, and common. Each of these groups has a percentage chance of success.

What is the fishing ability score?

The ability scores that affect fishing are two , your fishing skill, which goes from beginner to guru, and your fishing rank which goes from 0 to 5.