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thecoastalside.comImage: thecoastalside.comTo attach skis you can start bycutting the pair off of skis in their correct positions. Placing screws through the bottom of the skis into the sled. The screws should tightly secure the 2×4’s that you install over the base of your sled.

How do you attach skis to a snow sled?

To attach skis you can start by cutting the pair off of skis in their correct positions. Placing screws through the bottom of the skis into the sled. The screws should tightly secure the 24’s that you install over the base of your sled. The addition of the skis makes it easier to haul the gear through the snow.

What are the best mods for an ice fishing sled?

Some common ice fishing sled mods: Skis: Mounting an old pair of cross-country skis (or old water skis) to the bottom of your ice fishing sled will make it much easier to glide over ice and snow. Skis decrease the amount of contact with the snow/ice, which drastically decreases friction while dragging the sled.

How to haul a sled?

Choosing a long rope to haul your sled is one of the most convenient and affordable methods most people will prefer. Ski installation is another good idea to make the sled easier to pull. Normally sleds do not have the 24’s and skis on the bottom of it.

What do you need to make a homemade fishing sled?

These homemade sleds are easy to pull and help lift your rod, traps, reel, and equipment throughout, making them a lot more comfortable. All you need is snow sleds, bolts, screws, waterproof cloth, drills, skis, or waterproof adhesives. Create such a design that is able to shelter you during cold winds.

What is the best sled for ice fishing?

When choosing the best sleds for ice fishing to haul the gear smoothly and comfortably, Smitty sleds are the choice. Let’s have a look at two reasons why Smitty sleds proved to be a desirable option.

Why do you put skis on the bottom of a sled?

It means if the snow is more glutinous, the sled is even harder to pull. But when you install the ski at the bottom of the sled, it also makes a difference. Sometimes, people face deep or fluffy snow. The sled can help act like a snowplough when large amounts of snow gather/build up in front of it. Adding the skis can make ploughing through the snow much easier.

How far can a smitty sled go?

First, a Smitty allows a vast range so everyone can haul their gear. It’s okay for anyone to pull their Smitty Sled up to two kilometres / 1.24 miles in a day.

Why is it important to know what sled to use?

It’s necessary to know because carrying goods without a reliable sled is challenging.

How to attach skis to a sled?

To attach skis you can start by cutting the pair off of skis in their correct positions. Placing screws through the bottom of the skis into the sled. The screws should tightly secure the 2×4’s that you install over the base of your sled.

Why do you need a runner kit on a sled?

People tend to install a reliable runner kit that protects the grounds of the sled from rigidity. So, if you want to go in deep snow and enjoy it without getting annoyed with the difficulty, then installing a runner kit on the sled is what you want to do.

What are the variables that make a sled easier to pull?

Such as the snow’s hardness and rigidity, the snow’s water content, air temperature, sunny or cloudy day, or Is it sticky or not?

Gear Hauling

Many people wait for enough ice to drive their vehicle out on the ice, which alleviates the need to haul equipment over long distances. I, however, am not a fan of taking my vehicle out on the lake, so more often then not I will walk out to my spot.


First step was to acquire skis. After searching several used equipment resources online, I bought some used downhill skis. The brackets to attach boots to were no longer needed so I stripped down the skis bare.

Galvanized Pipe Fittings

There was one design aspect to this build that was absolutely necessary, and that was modularity. I needed to be able to disassemble this down to its elements so that it could fit in my car trunk.

Maximized Storage

As is with the skis, the pipe fittings are mounted to the sled with a routed piece of wood. Ideally a thick metal plate would be better (future upgrade) as this setup only supports maybe 100 pounds, I am not really setup to augment metal, so I went with the wood. Because the sled has ridges, I made relief cuts so the wood can lay snug to the sled.


One other aspect of hauling gear that bothered me was having to hold on to a rope while walking. Sounds ridiculous, but walking this way for a long distance with weight can become awkward and tiresome, so I bought a sled hardness.

Compact Gear

Overall I’ve been very satisfied with how this sled turned out. As you can see above, the sled is a nice place to store stuff up off the snow and at an easy level to reach while out fishing. It also breaks down nicely and fits in the trunk of my car with the rest of my gear as seen below.

What to replace with a tow bar?

A decent quality tow rope comes included, which you may want to replace with a tow bar or chain if you’re hauling it behind a snowmobile or ATV.

What are the benefits of ice fishing sleds?

Some ice fishing sled benefits: Portability. Ice fishing sleds are specifically designed for dragging over snow and ice , making long-distance transport much easier. They typically feature molded grooves on the bottom to add tracking stability and decrease friction on the snow and ice. Convenience.

Why are sleds so easy to organize?

Organization. Due to their open design , it’s easy to organize your gear so everything is exactly where you want it – and easy to access in a hurry. Many anglers like to modify their sleds with further improvements – making them even more convenient and capable. (More on these mods below)

How much does a Shappell Jr weigh?

The Shappell Jr measures a compact 21” x 43” x 8”, providing enough room for a moderate amount of gear. It also weighs just 6 lbs, which is a good deal less than the larger model which weighs 12 lbs.

What can you put in an ice sled for fishing?

A large ice sled can hold everything you could possibly need while ice fishing, including a heater, chairs, 5-gallon buckets, pop-up shelters, a camera, coolers, ice spears and more. Organization.

What can a sled hold?

A good sled can easily hold an electric or gas auger, bait buckets, multiple rods and reels, a heater, multiple tip-ups, and a portable shelter. Try carrying all of that on your back!

How big is a sled?

The sled measures a respectable 54” x 24” x 10”, putting in the middle of the pack in terms of size. The sidewalls are ruggedly constructed and will hold up to a fair bit of wear and tear.

Why do you need to put a blade protector cup on?

First of all, it’s always a good call to strap on the blade protector cup whenever you’re traveling in order to keep your blades sharp and prevent them from gashing up anything within reach. If you’re towing behind a vehicle, it’s also best to keep the auger down low in the sled and strapped down with your bungees.

Why are rod holders ugly?

If these rod holders look ugly, it’s because I assembled and installed them in less than five minutes. Additional improvements could include slots in the tops of the pipe to hold reel stems securely, or a board across the back to keep all the rod holders parallel and upright.

Can you mix heavy equipment with fragile rods?

The mix of heavy and/or sharp equipment with fragile rods and electronics is simply a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you’re a passive ice angler, a quick trip to the hardware store and an afternoon in the garage will make a world of difference for the durability and longevity of your gear.

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