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how should you pass a fishing boat插图

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Steps for Passing a Fishing BoatReduce Speed. As the passing boat approaches the fishing boat, its skipper should reduce the speed of the boat. …Wait for the “All-Clear” Signal. This step is both a courtesy to the other boater and a safety measure at the same time. …Pass on Port. …Pass Slowly. …

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  • Which is the right way to pass a fishing boat?

  • To pass a fishing yacht, direct towards the right-hand side – the starboard side of a boat. This means both ships will pass one another on their anchorage side either right-hand or left-hand side. Nevertheless, there are certain situations when passing to the starboard is very challenging or not possible at all.

  • What should I do if I overtake a boat?

  • In case you are overtaking a vessel, you may overhaul on any side unless and until it is safe to do so. However, before you overtake, don’t forget to notify the boat you are going to overtake using the horn. Subsequently, the other boat should also sound its horn which means they have understood the signal.

  • What should I look for on a fishing boat?

  • Your boat should always be fitted with proper marine lighting. As dusk approaches and visibility is reduced, you will find that lights are indeed a fundamental necessity to boating. Also, be sure that your horn is functioning correctly and that you have proper bailing equipment on board.