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  • Which is the right way to pass a fishing boat?

  • To pass a fishing yacht, direct towards the right-hand side – the starboard side of a boat. This means both ships will pass one another on their anchorage side either right-hand or left-hand side. Nevertheless, there are certain situations when passing to the starboard is very challenging or not possible at all.

  • What to do if you encounter fishing or hunting boats?

  • If you encounter fishing or hunting boats while you are paddling, be courteous. Give them a wide berth. Never run over fishing lines. Be aware that anglers may have lines out to the sides of their boat or trolling behind them.

  • What should I do if I overtake a boat?

  • In case you are overtaking a vessel, you may overhaul on any side unless and until it is safe to do so. However, before you overtake, don’t forget to notify the boat you are going to overtake using the horn. Subsequently, the other boat should also sound its horn which means they have understood the signal.

  • What makes it easier to pass a boat at night?

  • The first is night. Waters with speed limits will have lower ones at night, which helps with navigation. The lights on a vessel can also make it easier. There are two colored front lights on the boat.