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People also ask

  • What is the age that seniors can get a free fishing license?

  • Senior citizens who are 65 years of age or older are issued the Senior Lifetime Fishing License for free with proof of residency and age. Likewise, residents who are permanently disabled can receive the Disability Honorary Combination Hunting and Fishing License for free as well.

  • How much does a fishing license cost in Pennsylvania?

  • How much does a Pennsylvania state fishing license cost? In 2020, a 1-year fishing license costs $22.90 for state residents ages 16-64. Keep in mind that in Pennsylvania there are multiple types of license, voucher and permit options for anglers.

  • How much is a hunting license in PA?

  • Currently a resident adult hunting license is $20.70, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission website, and a resident adult fishing license is $22.70, according to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website.

  • Where can you buy a hunting license in PA?

  • You can register for a hunting license by visiting your local county treasurer’s office or the office of the Southwest Pennsylvania Game Commission in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. You can also buy a license online; it could take as long as 10 days to be delivered to you.