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  • What do you need to know about Jon B fishing?

  • Basically, Jon B is known for teaching his subscribers bass fishing techniques and tips via his channel. Also, it is worth mentioning that Jon Barzacchini is an Instagram celebrity. His Instagram account has around 646,000 followers where he documents all his fishing adventures.

  • How old is Jon barzacchini from YouTube fishing guide?

  • So here’s what we know about Jon Barzacchini—YouTube’s fishing guide. Jonathan Barzacchini was born on December 7, 1995, in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

  • When did Jon B start his YouTube channel?

  • Jon B definitely grew as a Fishing content creator on YouTube. In 2016, before his own YouTube channel became established, he interned with MTB Hat Guy (Mystery Tackle Box), who, at the time of Jon B’s internship, was one of the more popular fishing guys on YouTube.

  • Who are the Googan squad in Jon B fishing?

  • Two years ago, Jon B banded with four other Fishing YouTubers / influencers to form the Googan Squad. Googan, in the fishing term refers to a rogue fisherman.