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  • How big is an Ugly Stik fishing rod?

  • This 7-foot version is easy to handle and once paired with a high quality reel, might just become your go-to rod for freshwater fishing. Even better is that it looks awesome, almost nothing like a classic fishing rod, certainly not one made by Ugly Stik when you were younger.

  • What kind of Hood is on ugly stick rod?

  • The corrosion-resistant stainless steel hoods enhance the life of the Ugly Stick Rod, and it contains aluminum oxide inserts for increased smoothness and durability. Worth every penny. This is the rod to have for bringing in the big fish.

  • Is there a warranty on the ugly stick?

  • You’ll find premium rods and combos for all species and all types of fishing, all backed by the Ugly Stick 7-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. And now, it’s easier than ever to take ugly to the next level with a great selection of genuine Ugly tools and Ugly Tuff? reels, all built for the angler who demands durability at all times.

  • Why are Ugly Stik rods considered unbreakable?

  • Ugly Stik rods are renowned for being virtually unbreakable regardless of the abuse they encounter. One big reason is the signature Clear Tip design, which provides ultimate strength and visibility without sacrificing sensitivity.