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how much is a shakespeare fishing pole插图

Shakespeare Wild Series Walleye Spinning Combo$49.97WAS: $54.99 *

What is a Shakespeare fishing reel?

Shakespeare Fishing Tackle began its story in 1896 when Williams Shakespeare, Jr. decided to improve on reel design. The development of a device that winds the fishing line evenly back onto the spool is now standard in fishing equipment. Shakespeare vintage fishing rods and reels come in categories like spinning rods, casting rods, and fly rods.

How big is a vintage Shakespeare split bamboo fly rod?

Vintage Shakespeare Split Bamboo Fly Rod 9 Ft . W/ Tube Rod Sock Vintage Shakespeare 4pc. Wonderod Combo Fly Spin Fishing Rod – No. 628 – 7’0 Shakespeare #1250 FFJ Howald Wonderod Fly Rod-2 section 8′ BEAUTIFUL eyes good!!

What kind of rod is the Shakespeare wondorod?

Shakespeare WondOrod Made in U S A Howald Process No. 1470 7′ 9 Mod. FFK This rod built Jan 1955 Howald Process Fiberglass THE STRAIGHT-FIBER ROD WITH THE Spiral MARKINGS PAT. 2,571,717 (Material.. Hollow Fiberglass) Please note the Decal is marked WondOrod !! This marking is rarely seen. # 1470 WondOrod Tubular Glass Fly Rod

Why buy Shakespeare Ugly Stik rod and reel combo?

Durability has been the main ingredient to Ugly Stik’s reputation for years. I can confidently say the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Rod and Reel Combo is built like a tank and can handle just about anything you put it through. When testing out new products, I’m not easy on them.

What is Shakespeare’s ugly tik rod made of?

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 rod is very impressive for its price point. It’s made of both graphite and fiberglass which has made it virtually unbreakable throughout my testing. The clear, fiberglass tip has also proved very resilient. I recently spent an afternoon fun fishing at a little farm pond and accidentally half-shut the tip in my truck’s tailgate. I expected to see a cracked rod tip, but was surprised and impressed when the GX2’s tip looked brand new.

What is a GX2 reel made of?

The reel is made of glass-filled nylon and comes with an oversized bail wire, contributing to its durability. After a lot of abuse and considerable fishing time, the bail wire still opens and closes nicely and doesn’t have any “play” in it. A lot of less expensive reels will get sloppy after a few months, but this hasn’t been the case with the GX2.

Is the GX2 reel smooth?

The Shakespeare GX2 reel is much smoother than I was expecting. I’ve used a lot of reels in this price range and have had major issues with reel performance. It’s evident that Shakespeare put a lot of time into making this a high-quality reel at an extremely affordable price.

Do Stik GX2 line guides have problems?

The line guides haven’t given me any problems, either . They’re very slick, so your line flows through easily and my line hasn’t wrapped around any of the guides. Several rods in these price range have line guide durability problems, but the Ugly Stik GX2 line guides have been extremely durable with no issues to speak of.

Can you cast a GX2 on a bank?

The GX2’s tip loads very well when casting even the lightest finesse rigs, which definitely comes in handy when bank fishing. If there’s a blowdown or overhang within 30 yards, you’ll be able to effortlessly skip a weightless soft plastic to it. It can be frustrating trying to reach that “virgin water” as a bank angler, but the castability of the GX2 will definitely help you put your bait into hard-to-reach areas.

Does the GX2 drag surge?

On looser settings while fighting bass in a 3 to 4-pound class, it has been a pleasure to fish with. The drag doesn’t surge and it handles deep runs fairly well. When the drag is cinched-down, you can expect some line surges, but I can’t contribute this issue to a lost fish yet.

Can you notice whining on a Berkley Trilene XL?

You won’t notice much “whining” on your retrieve and its line management is also good. I’ve had it spooled with 8-pound Berkley Trilene XL and the line goes onto the bail very nicely. In windy conditions, you may notice a small loop or two, but so far, I haven’t had any problems with major bird nests.