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MEXICAN FISHING LICENSE PRICES (for Discover Baja members):One Day: $23 One Week: $40 One Month: $48 One Year: $60There is an extra $10 fee per license (extra $7 for daily license) if you are not a Discover Baja member.

How do I get a fishing license in Mexico?

You can buy a Mexican fishing license online, at local US tackle shops, in Baja at a tourism office, or directly from a Mexican fishing charter company. Getting your license is very easy. We have heard complaints about people failing to be able to buy them in Mexico so we highly recommend buying your license on-line prior to your trip.

What are the fishing laws in Mexico?

Mexico Fishing Violations. It is prohibited to use artificial lighting to attract large quantities of fish. It is prohibited to discharge firearms in Mexican waters. Fish caught under a sportfishing license may NOT be filleted aboard vessel from which it was caught.

How long can I Keep my Boat in Mexico?

This refers only to the boat’s yearly sportfishing permit and applies in all of Mexico. All other documentation requirements, including the vessel’s 10 year temporary import permit, issued by Mexican customs and required in order to keep you boat in Mexico up to 10 years, are still in place and were not modified in any way. read more

Do I need a fishing license to fish from land?

A Fishing License is not required when fishing from land. Only one rod or line with hook is permitted in the water, per person, but there is no restriction regarding the number of replacement items.

What time does Conapesca open?

The CONAPESCA phone office hours and walk in hours are 8am – 2pm Pacific time Monday – Friday (619) 233-4324. Read our step-by-step instructions and driving directions for buying sportfishing licenses in person from San Diego CONAPESCA office >>.

How long does it take to get a fishing license in Mexico?

The entire process takes 15 minutes or so, and guarantees your Mexican fishing license will be in your hands before entering Mexico. Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8am – 2pm Pacific time. Please see specific details on how to purchase your license in person from the San Diego CONAPESCA office>>.

How to get a fishing license in San Diego?

You will need to fill out the Fishing License Application (available online), then mail the application to the San Diego office with a money order or cashier’s check (no cash or personal checks accepted) along with a self addressed and stamped envelope. Licenses are processed the same day their office receives them.

What is a flotation device?

A flotation device includes all types of motorized boats, but also includes non-powered flotation devices such as sea kayaks, surfboards, or even an air mattress. In a conversation with the CONAPESCA office, I specifically asked about fishing from my surfboard, and they confirmed that technically, this required a fishing license.

Do you need a fishing license on a boat?

Technically, even if nobody on board the boat is fishing, but there is a fishing pole, fishing tackle, or any type of fishing equipment on the boat, every single passenger should have a valid fishing license with them. That is the rule.

Does Mexico allow shore fishing?

Because many Mexican families depend on shore fishing to feed their families, Mexico allows shore fishing for free.

Do you need a fishing license to fish in Mexico?

Shore Fishing Does NOT Require a Mexican Fishing License. You do NOT need to purchase a Mexican fishing license if you are only going to be fishing from the shore while in Mexico. This includes surf fishing from the beach, fishing from the rocks, or fishing from a pier. Unlike the US state of California where you need a fishing license …

What is the Mexican fishing law?

In order to operate a boat that carries fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is necessary to hold a valid boat permit and personal fishing licenses for everybody aboard the boat, regardless of age and whether they are fishing or not.

When did Mexico stop requiring a fishing license?

Effective January 2008, the fishing permit for boats that was required along with Mexican fishing licenses is no longer needed. This refers only to the boat’s yearly sportfishing permit and applies in all of Mexico.

How many hooks are needed to catch a bottom fish?

To capture bottom fish, up to four hooks on a vertical line may be used.

How many rods can you use in a boat?

Only one rod or line with hook is permitted in the water, per person, but there is no restriction regarding the number of replacement items.

Where to report unusual fishing activity?

It is requested that all unusual activities, occurrences or record catches be reported to the nearest office of the Oficina de Pesca, or its representation in San Diego, CA , in order to ensure the preservation of the natural resources for the continued enjoyment of all fishermen.

Can you bring a boat into Mexico?

If you are planning on bringing a boat into Mexico, it is extremely important that you understand all of the rules and regulations for boating in Mexico. Make sure to read the Sportfishing Regulations from the Mexican Oficina de Pesca (Fishing Office) before you bring your boat into Mexico. Failure to comply with the rules could result in serious …

Can you collect shells in the ocean?

It is prohibited to collect shells, corals, sea anemones and snails,or to disturb the original ecosystem environment.

How to activate Mexican roaming?

Call your U.S. cell phone provider, if necessary, to activate Mexican roaming and determine what packages are available when traveling in Mexico. Notify your bank that you will be traveling in Mexico and may use your bank cards during the trip.

Do you need a boat permit to go fishing in Baja?

If you will be fishing from a boat, you will need a Fishing License. If you have a boat over 15-feet in length that you are taking to Baja, you will need a Temporary Boat Importation Permit. No vehicle permit is required for travel just in Baja. If you will be traveling to mainland Mexico, a Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit is required …

Do you need a passport to travel to Mexico?

All U.S. and Canadian citizens crossing into Mexico are required to have a passport and driver’s license/ID card along with an FMM Tourist Permit, regardless of the duration or destination of the stay in Baja. Make copies of all important documents (passport, driver’s license, Mexican auto insurance, credit cards and tourist card).

Who is Gary Graham?

That Baja Guy-Gary Graham, the BD Outdoors Baja Editor, has more than five decades fishing experience off of Southern California and the Baja Peninsula. From light tackle and fly up to offshore marlin fishing, Gary has experienced all facets of this fishery. He’s set several fly-fishing world record…