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how much is a fishing license in mississippi插图

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Fishing licenses in Mississippi can range from just over $5.00 for a Resident 3-Day fishing license to about $1,500.00 for a Nonresident Native Lifetime fishing license. Take a look below for all the resident and nonresident fishing licenses and prices. Mississippi Resident Freshwater Fishing License Prices

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  • How much does it cost to get a fishing license?

  • Every state sets it own price for fishing licenses. On average, an annual state resident fishing license costs around $25 while non-resident licenses cost an average of $60 to $70. To make your life easier, we compiled a current list with the cost of basic fishing licenses for all 50 states in the year 2021.

  • How do you purchase a fishing license?

  • Buy freshwater fishing license online. Purchase your license by phone. Buy your license through a local retail agent. Check with your county tax collectors’ office. Keep in mind that you may be required to verify your state residency using your driver’s license number or state identification card.

  • Who needs a fishing license in the state of Mississippi?

  • Non-Resident – All non-resident anglers, except minors under the age of sixteen (16), are required to obtain a fishing license while fishing in the fresh or marine waters of the State of Mississippi.

  • How old do you have to be to get a fishing license in Mississippi?

  • If you would like to buy a license to fish in Mississippi, you must be between 16 and 64 years of age. Senior residents 65 years of age and older may purchase a lifetime recreational saltwater fishing license for a small fee.