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  • Where can you buy a fishing license in CT?

  • CONNECTICUT FISHING LICENSE INFORMATION. One of the most convenient ways to get your Connecticut fishing license is to purchase one online using your credit card. You can also buy a fishing license in person from a designated license dealer such as a sporting goods store or local tackle shop. Fishing Licenses are issued every month of the year and expire annually on December 31.

  • How do you get a hunting license in Connecticut?

  • To buy hunting licenses in CT, hunters must complete a hunting permit application with the Connecticut wildlife department. The wildlife department offers applicants a number of methods for submitting a hunting license application, including online or in person.

  • How do you get a fishing license online?

  • Many states now offer the option of buying or renewing your fishing license online by downloading a mobile app. Look for a tab or icon within the app that says, purchase fishing license online or get fishing license online.. In addition to storing your license information,…

  • What is a marine fishing license?

  • The Marine Waters Fishing License (also known as a Saltwater Fishing License) is an annual sport fishing license issued on a calendar year basis. Anyone age 16 or older, fishing (taking or attempting to take fish or bait species) from shore or from a boat in the marine district of this state or landing marine fish…