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How much does it cost to get a fishing license in Ontario? Products Ontario Residents Non-Canadian Residents 1-Year Sport Fishing Licence$26.57 $81.691-Year Conservation Fishing Licence $15.07 $51.71 1-Day Sport Fishing Licence (Outdoors Card not required with this licence) $12.21 $24.36 8-Day Sport Fishing Licence N/A $53.38.

How much is a fishing license in Ontario?

https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-outdoors-card *An “Outdoors Card” (which must be carried by all hunters and fishermen) costs $8.57 and is valid for 3 years *3-year sport fishing licence costs $79.71 *3-year conservation licence (catch and release) – $45.21 *1-year sport fishing licence- $26.57 *1-year conservation fishing licence – $15.07

What is the average cost of a fishing license?

The one-time purchase, multi-year youth hunting OR fishing license is $42.50, multi-year hunting/fishing combination license is $72.50. This multi-year license expires on Dec. 31 of the year the person turns 21. Nonresident: $97.50 (Download Application if only applying by mail) Nonresident under 16: $42.50

Do you need a fishing license in Ontario?

Most people require a Recreational Fishing Licence or deemed licence to legally fish in Ontario. You must carry your Outdoors Card or licence summary whenever you are fishing. An Outdoors Card is a plastic, wallet-sized card valid for three calendar years and used for administration purposes.

Do seniors in Ontario need a fishing license?

Over 65 years old: You don’t need an Outdoors Card or a fishing licence, but you may purchase them. Your fees will go towards managing fish and wildlife populations in Ontario. You must always carry Government-issued ID that lists your name and date of birth with you while fishing. Catch and possession limits for a Sport Fishing Licence apply.

What is a sport fishing license in New Brunswick?

The holder of a New Brunswick sport fishing licence is considered to be the holder of a Québec sport fishing licence when line fishing in the Patapédia ( zone 2) and Ristigouche ( zones 1 and 2) salmon rivers. Fish caught in these waters and kept are considered to have been caught and kept in Québec. They must therefore be counted when calculating the catch and possession limits.

How many tags are required for a salmon license?

This licence is issued with four tags. All salmon caught and kept must be tagged.

What happens if you lose your fishing license?

If a fishing licence is lost, stolen or damaged to the point that it is unusable, you must obtain a replacement licence if you wish to continue to fish.

What to do if your name is not on your license?

Sign the back of the licence, to confirm its validity. If your first name, surname, address or date of birth is not shown on the back of the licence, or if the information shown is inaccurate, you must add or correct it by hand.

Can you fish for other species than salmon?

Outside salmon fishing periods, you must use a general sport fishing licence to fish for other species than salmon in certain salmon rivers (see the rules for zones 1, 2, 3, 18 to 21, 23, 27 and 28 on the map of fishing zones and fishing periods ).

Can you fish for Atlantic salmon in Quebec?

To fish for Atlantic salmon, you must hold an Atlantic salmon sport fishing licence. This licence is mandatory to fish salmon anywhere in Quebec and to fish for any species of fish during a salmon fishing season in a salmon river. This licence expires at the end of the salmon fishing period or when all tags issued with the licence have been used. Once expired, the licence is no longer valid for fishing any other species in a salmon river.

Can you transfer a fishing license?

The sport fishing licence is not transferable. However, it is possible to buy it for someone else at one of our sales outlets. In this case, this person, the owner, must sign it upon receipt from the buyer and ensure that the information on the back is accurate for this permit to be valid.