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how much is a child’s fishing licence插图

Resident anglers who are age 12 to 13 can purchase a 3-day, 7-day, or annual license for only$5.00. When they become 14 to 17 years old, they need to buy them for $16.00. When they turn 18 to 64, they can purchase a 3-day, 7-day, and annual license for $16.00, $20.00, $34.00, respectively.

How much does a fishing license cost?

License Fees Resident Resident Non-Resident Non-Resident License Fee License Fee Season Fishing (16 and older) $25 Season Fishing (16 and older) $64 Combination Fishing and Hunting $43 Combination Fishing and Hunting $150 Combination Fishing and Archery $43 15-Day Fishing*** $47 6 more rows …

What is the age limit for a youth fishing license?

A Youth Combination Hunt and Fish license (ages 10-17) is only $5 Licenses are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase Once purchased, licenses and stamps cannot be returned for refund or exchange. All sales are final.

What do I need to get a fishing license?

A valid resident fishing license is also required. Resident Veterans rated 70% or greater service-connected by the U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs Administrative Office may apply for a discounted annual fishing license. All applicable licenses, stamps, or permits are required in addition to this license.

Can you get a lifetime fishing license at 14 in Florida?

Youth License: While not required, young fishers from the ages of 8 to 15 can get a recreational fishing license. Lifetime License: they remain valid even if you move out of Florida. Saltwater Fishing Licenses: Saltwater fish, crabs, clams and other edible organisms can be harvested from the ocean with a current license.