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Normal or Rounded Baitcasting ReelsBaitcasting reels of size 4000 in this category,weigh between 8 and 12 ounces and can hold somewhere between 150 and 175 yards of 12-pound test monofilament fishing line.Baitcasting reels of size 5000 in this category,weigh between 10 and 15 ounces and can hold somewhere between 200 and 230 yards of 14-pound test monofilament fishing line.More items

How do you replace fishing line on reel?

To spool a fishing line on a spincast reel,you must follow the following steps:Lift the wire arm to open the bail,and then you can remove the old line if there is such.Run the line through the line guides,which are the little loops hanging on the underside of the rod. …Then,you have to knot the line on the reel spool. …Bring the end of the line towards you then tie the line with an arbor knot.More items…

What is the best baitcasting reel?

Best for High Speeds: Abu Garcia Revo RocketBest for Big Baits: Daiwa Lexa TWS 300Best on a Budget: Lew’s American Hero Speed Spool Casting ReelBest Computer-Controlled: Shimano Curado DCBest Without Bearings: 13 Fishing Concept “Z3” Casting Reel

How to spool a baitcaster with braid line?

With these things in mind,let us go on with the steps:Feed your mono line within the so-called “worm guide.” Tie the spool to the backing. …To combine the monofilament line with the braided one,simply create a double-uni type of a knot to connect the mono with the braids.After joining the lines,spool in your braided line right onto the reel. …

How to use a baitcasting reel properly?

Tips on How to Use a BaitcasterMatch the line and lure weight to the rod action. …Perfect your casting motion. Practice makes perfect. Try different angles of casting and try casting at different targets. …Don’t try to overcast. Casting far is not about the speed in which you force the rod forward,it is about fluid motion. …

How much Backing and Fly Line do I need when Fly Fishing?

Deciding how much fishing line on a reel when fly fishing is actually really similar to the Standard Baitcasting Reel above.

How does a baitcasting reel work?

Line is wound onto your baitcasting reel by the direct rotation of its spool. This means the outer diameter measurement of that turning "drum" determines the length of line retrieved with each rotation. One turn of the handle always gives the same number of turns of the spool. If there’s too little line on a deep spool, there’s only a really small diameter pulling line in with each spool rotation.

How much line should I use for baitcasting?

For most, standard baitcasting reel applications (i.e. everything that isn’t ultralight "BFS" style fishing), you’ll want to fill between 80% and 95% of the capacity of the spool with line. It’s pretty obvious that, if you overfill a baitcaster, the line is going to rub up against the body components of the reel – and cause all kinds of problems.

How to add fly line to reel?

The very best way is to add the fly line first, then add the perfect amount of backing ( so that it is JUST less than the amount that would start rubbing on the reel body ); before stripping everything off the spool and reversing the whole fly line and backing .

Why does a spinning reel restrict casting distance?

The reason that an underfilled spool on a spinning or any "fixed spool" reel restricts casting distance is the friction created by a sharp angle between line and the lip of the spool.

What happens if you put too little line in a spool?

If there’s too little line on a deep spool, there’s only a really small diameter pulling line in with each spool rotation. Finally, if you’re fishing with a regular size baitcaster, throwing medium to large baits, you’ll probably be in with a chance of hooking a big powerful fish.

Why underfill a spool?

The reason for very slightly underfilling the spool for “regular” applications is that your casting distance won’t suffer too much. Equally, there is less risk of any slight slackening of the line to cause loops of line to jump off the spool and become tangled.

What Type of Line Should I Use On A Baitcaster?

One important fact to remember here is that baitcaster reels are not designed to hold very small and thin line, which automatically means that you should stick to 10 pound test line or more.

How much does a baitcasting reel weigh?

The next size up of low profile baitcasting reel is the size 400 and up. These generally weigh anywhere from 15 to 18 ounces. Generally speaking, if we’re talking about 20 pound test monofilament fishing line, you can expect this size of reel to hold up to 190 yards or more.

How much line can a 100 pound baitcasting reel hold?

This size of baitcasting reel can usually hold anywhere from 100 too 170 yards of 12 po und test monofilament fishing line.

How many yards of monofilament can a 400 baitcasting reel hold?

For example, a size 400 baitcasting reel may be able to take up to 330 yards of 12 pound test monofilament fishing line.

How many ounces is a 6000 reel?

Yet another size up the 6000 size baitcasting reel, which weighs anywhere from 11 to 17 ounces, if we’re talking about 14 pound test monofilament fishing line can hold around 250 yards.

How much does a 4000 reel weigh?

If we’re talking about size 4000, normal rate casting reels and lower, they usually weigh anywhere from 8 to 12 ounces. If we’re talking about 12 pound test monofilament fishing line, you can expect these sizes to hold anywhere from 150 to 175 yards.

What knot to use for fluorocarbon line?

What you need to do now is to use a knot called an Arbor knot in order to tie the end of the mono of fluorocarbon line to the spool. Remember that you only need a short length.

Do You Need To Put Backing On Your Baitcaster?

The backing is the line that goes directly on the spool that’s underneath your main fishing line. If you’ve ever used a fly fishing rod then you’ll know that regular line goes on first and then you attach your fly line to that. You can do the same thing with a baitcaster or pretty much any other reel.

How Do You Put Line On A Baitcaster?

The first thing you’ll want to do is put a little bit of oil on your bearings. Always be sure to keep your reel in good condition and that’s why you should always give it a clean every now and then. Then tighten up your drag and spool tension.

How to tie a fishing line to a reel?

Simply use any old fishing line for this. Put the line through your lowest guide loop, stick it through the small hole on your reel (the one that moves side to side), put it above the metal bar (if you have one), and tie it on your spool (make sure the line goes on the spool the same way it was in the package). Hold the line tight and do a couple of wraps (just enough to cover the spool).

What type of line should I use for a leader?

It’s mainly going to depend on what you’re going to be fishing for, but in my opinion, your main-line should be braided. I almost always have a leader on the end though and if you want your leader to float then you should use mono and if you want it to sink you should use fluoro. Braided line floats and that’s why I use fluoro as my leader line.

How to tie a reel to a spool?

Put the line through your lowest guide loop, stick it through the small hole on your reel (the one that moves side to side), put it above the metal bar (if you have one), and tie it on your spool (make sure the line goes on the spool the same way it was in the package). Hold the line tight and do a couple of wraps (just enough to cover the spool). …

Why don’t people like braided lines?

A lot of people don’t like the braided line because it was pretty junky when it first came out. It was almost like wire and was pretty hard to deal with.

Why attach a clip to the end of a leader?

That’s pretty much it. I’ll also attach a clip on the end of my leader so I can quickly change lures on the fly. This is what’s worked best for me and is a great setup if you’re going to be fishing for a wide range of things.

Different Sizes of Baitcasting Reels & Their Line Capacities

How much line to put on a baitcaster depends on factors like the type and size of a baitcasting reel because not all baitcasting reels are the same. Plus it also depends on the type and size of the fishing line.

Types of Fishing Lines We Use for Baitcaster

The monofilament fishing line is the easiest fishing line to handle among these three categories. That’s why it is recommended to novice anglers. It is cheaper as compared to other lines but at the same time, it stretches well. Don’t select a too thin fishing line as it will come off the spool too easily.

How to Put Line on a Baitcasting Reel?

Now that you know about different sizes of baitcasting reels & their line capacities along with different types of fishing lines, finally, it’s time to answer how to put line on baitcaster. The following segments of this section contain a step-by-step guide on how to string a baitcaster.

Tips to Avoid Backlashes

Adjust your spool tension by adjusting the drag knob. The amount of drag in your spool determines how easily your spool can spin when casting or retrieving the line.


After going through this valuable and comprehensive article, you can put yourself among those anglers who are well-informed on how to put line on a baitcasting reel as well as how much line to put on a baitcaster. This skill of spooling your reel properly is going to save you from the hassles of cleaning mess as a result of improper spooling.

What Type of Fishing Line is Best for Baitcasters?

When I look for fishing line , I look for low memory, high abrasion resistance, and smaller diameter construction.

What is limited stretch?

The limited stretch ensures a level of sensitivity not usually seen in mono lines. It’s excellent for hook setting yet has a little bit of forgiveness for the over-zealous strike.

What is Kastking known for?

KastKing are well known for offering affordable fishing gear, and true to brand they offer an affordable braid that I, and many other anglers, find performs well above its low price point.

Is Ultracast mono or mono?

The significant feature, however, is the small diameter. For those looking for a stacked spool with plenty of line for the battle, the Ultracast is a great mono choice.

What is line memory?

Line memory refers to the fishing line retaining the shape of the device on which it is/was stored.

What is the factor to consider when selecting line type?

It’s important to note that line stretch is also a factor to consider. More on stretch later. Knot strength and knot skills also come into play when selecting line type.

Does braid have stretch?

Braid will often have no discernible stretch at all. Fluoro has a moderate level of stretch, however, these days less stretch is becoming popular with fluoro.