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$50,000 to over $1 million
The cost of a big fishing boat will vary depending on the size,features,and brand,but you can expect to pay anywhere from$50,000 to over $1 million. Of course,the price tag isn’t everything. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of maintenance and upkeep.

How much do fishing boats really cost?

How much does the average fishing boat cost? On average a new, fully equipped, fishing boat in the 16 to 20 foot range with an outboard motor, trailer and standard features will cost between $18,000 and $45,000 depending on the make and model.

What is the average cost for a commercial fishing boat?

Within this range you will find skiffs, small center consoles, dual consoles, and jon boats. Prices can range anywhere from $10,000 all the way up to $50,000 and beyond for high end brands. Low cost brands for fisherman include Tidewater and Sea Hunt while higher end brands include Boston Whaler and Grady-White.

What is the best small boat for fishing?

Understanding the Different Types of Fishing BoatsAll-Purpose Fishing Boats. These fishing boats can be used in both freshwater and saltwater,and their design has more uses than just fishing.Bass Boats. Bass boats are the boats you see on freshwater lakes and during fishing tournaments. …Center Console Boats. …Fish and Ski Boats. …Jon Boats. …Pontoon Boats. …

How much do fishing boats sell for?

So, how much is a fishing boat going to cost? On average a new, fully equipped, fishing boat in the 16 to 20 foot range with an outboard motor, trailer and standard features will cost between $18,000 and $45,000 depending on the make and model.

Different Boat Types

When it comes to fishing boats, many categories can define it. Keep in mind that the area is large, and the consumers’ needs are different. To begin with, we should first look into the material category.

Fishing Boat Size

Before deciding about the boat size, you should consider some facts that can help you along the way. Since the size directly affects the boat price and maintenance costs, your goal is to avoid overpaying it. So, it is crucial to determine a few things on time, including:

Fishing Boat Styles

Not only does the size of the fishing boat matter, but also what is your fishing goal, the place where you want to fish, and the comfort you seek.

Used Boats

The majority of consumers like to have a brand new product. Following that logic, it is clear that there are many pros to being the boat’s first owner, including:


Once you decide to purchase a fishing boat, you need to consider numerous things, including its type and price. Then, it is necessary to check the pros and cons regarding new and used models, depending on your budget and boat purpose. Finally, always buy insurance to cover the possible inconvenience and go fishing relaxed.

What is a sailfish 320cc?

The 320CC features a curved T-top, a dash facing that accommodates larger flush mounted electronics, stylish cushions and bolsters and much, much more. Sailfish’s design staff has taken input from consumers and have created the ultimate offshore fishing platform. The 320CC is built using our Variable Degree Stepped (VDS) hull design, which offers the softest, driest riding hull in Sailfish history. The VDS hull, combined with proven 4 stroke power, makes the 320 both responsive and extremely agile for a boat its size. Add in features such as the forward-facing backrests, a large, step-down head, and a removable bow table and you have a boat fit for family fun. The 320CC is ideal for an active day on the water and perfect for a sunset cruise.

What is a 280 vantage?

Try a new activity, or try a whole range of them: The 280 Vantage is an all-access pass to everything your family wants to do on the water, from discovering remote beaches to finding thrills at the end of a towrope or fishing line. Sleek, redesigned bow available with both windlass and boarding ladder Convertible portside lounge seating adjusts to an array of configurations Easy access from the dock or the water via the standard portside dive door Integrated hardtop and windshield provide great weather protection and clear visibility Hardtop can be equipped with an electrically actuated cockpit Sureshade Dedicated fishing features include cockpit fishboxes, transom livewell and strategically-placed rod holders Cockpit grill station makes for easy entertaining and stows away when not in use

What is a 285 Conquest?

Aboard the 285 Conquest®, anything is possible. Comfort-minded features and amenities enable active day cruises, serious saltwater fishing runs and impromptu overnighting with equal aplomb. Design details throughout maximize helm visibility, walkaround space, seating comfort and more. When not entertaining a crowd in the generous cockpit, head offshore to chase the big fish. Choose from three hardtop options and let the 285 open your horizons. Whaler knows what you need in a confidence-inspiring boat. Optional aft cockpit sunshade protects you from harsh rays. Innovative port lounge seating is convertible and features plush backrests and cooler storage. Drive in comfort thanks to a helm seat with flip-up bolster and armrests. Overhead rod racks in the cabin keep your equipment handy but safely out of the way. Welcoming cabin sleeps 4 with a plush forward V-berth/dinette and midcabin double berth, plus optional HDTV, deluxe galley and private head.

What is a Scout 380?

The 380 is an innovation masterpiece. Designed and built with precision, this is where technology, performance and luxurious styling perfectly blend. While it’s loaded with standard features (like the standard SeaKeeper Gyro Stabilizer), the award-winning available options will floor you. Options like the patented electronically-actuated articulating rocket launchers and the patent-pending electronically-actuated convertible hideaway entertainment station / mezzanine seat are first of their kind in a coastal fishing boat, further distancing this model from anything else in its class. Scout’s Epoxy-Infused, double-stepped fuel-efficient hull using Carbon Fiber/E-Glass, and optional hydraulic port side beach platform with synthetic teak further add to the model’s characteristics.

What is a Pursuit 295?

The Pursuit DC 295 builds on an award-winning product design that delivers unparalleled style, performance and amenities in the popular dual console category . Paired with dependable Yamaha outboards, the DC 295 conveys a message of superior design, engineering and construction synonymous with Pursuit. Integrated hardtop, a crystal–clear tempered windshield, convertible seating arrangements and product specific storage are a few of the highlights in Pursuit’s luxury dual console. The forward bow seating is perfect for lounging when the weather is right or you can dip behind the protection of the full windshield and hardtop arrangement to escape the elements. The wide-open layout is built around sport utility, fish, cruise dive and entertain in a luxury dual console that sets the standard for the category.

What is a 270 dauntless?

At every turn, the 270 Dauntless is the epitome of capability and comfort. Optional swim platform provides divers and swimmers with a convenient, easy-access platform. Huge, lockable storage beneath the forward lounge seat holds rods, buckets and much more. Optional integrated hardtop features rod holders to keep your fishing arsenal at hand. Optional deluxe leaning post enhances the helm seat with flip-up thigh-rise bolsters.

What is the Midnight Express 34?

The Midnight Express 34′ Open is expertly designed for fuel efficiency, onboard comfort, and flawless performance. It is considered the best in its class for a reason. It’s compact, manageable size with widest-in-class 11′ beam and the sea-keeping ability of the legendary Midnight Express hull result in the stability and comfort of a much larger craft in a trim functional design. We have the ability to customize your 34′ Open with a range of performance and electronic options.

What are the best saltwater fishing boats?

Some of the best-known manufacturers of saltwater fishing boats as of today include: Boston Whaler, Grady-White, Scout, Sea Hunt and Sailfish. These builders construct saltwater fishing boats models with outboard, outboard-4S, inboard, outboard-2S and inboard/outboard propulsion systems, available in gas, diesel, electric and other fuel systems. In the past 30 days, the top, most-viewed saltwater fishing boats brands on Boat Trader were Boston Whaler, Grady-White, Parker, Pursuit and Sea Hunt.

How much do saltwater fishing boats cost?

Saltwater Fishing boats for sale on Boat Trader are listed for a variety of prices from a sensible $13,133 on the lower-cost segment all the way up to $1,264,694 for the biggest, most advanced boats. Models with more power can accommodate motors up to an extraordinary 2,508 horsepower, while more economic utility models may have as modest as 60 horsepower engines on them (although the average engine size is 300 HP).

What is a saltwater boat?

Saltwater Fishing boats. Typically larger fishing boats designed for coastal and offshore fishing, such as sport and open fishermen boats, center consoles, and power catamarans decked and rigged for fishing. Included in this group of saltwater fishing boats are vessels also referred to as Angler or Bluewater fishing boats.

Why are saltwater fishing boats so popular?

Why are saltwater fishing boats popular? Saltwater Fishing boats are popular for their moderate draft and beam, attributes that make these boats a favorite for a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities. Saltwater Fishing boats are also popular boats for coastal, inshore and offshore boating.

How many people can you take on a saltwater boat?

From our current listings, the average number of passengers that saltwater fishing boats can take is 10 people with a maximum of 16. Also, with 5,789 saltwater fishing boats presently listed for sale and 1,249 boats added in the past 30 days, Boat Trader is confident you’ll find the boat you are looking for.

What happened to Duffy from Wicked Tuna?

Duffy’s cause of death wasn’t announced at the time of his passing almost three years ago, but fans were shocked to learn that he died so suddenly.

How much does bluefin tuna weigh?

Bluefin tuna can weigh between 300-1500 pounds Credit: Facebook/Wicked Tuna. "I had brought in one of the only tuna that on the market at that time. To this day, I still have the text from the buyer saved on my phone.". On Wicked Tuna, Paul also caught the biggest bluefin, weighing in at 1,287 pounds.

How long is a tuna boat?

Wicked Tuna boats range in length from 35-48ft, and no one boat is the same. Some of the ships have been customized exclusively for tuna fishing season. 5. Tuna fishing boats are customized to withstand harsh sea conditions Credit: National Geographic.

How much does a tuna boat cost?

Tuna fishing boats can cost anywhere between $20,000 to upwards of $100,000. On Wicked Tuna, the vessels can rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost without taking customization into account.

What is decompression sickness?

Decompression sickness, also called generalized barotrauma, "refers to injuries caused by a rapid decrease in the pressure that surrounds you, of either air or water," according to Harvard Health.

Does bluefin have marbling?

Only bluefin has the intense marbling. Bluefin also, when it’s aged properly, has a particular balance of flavors," Wilcox said. Two years ago, Wicked Tuna’s Paul Hebert received the highest amount of price per pound that he had ever received for one of his catches.

Do tuna fishermen own top end boats?

A SAILOR is only as good as his ship, therefore the Wicked Tuna fishermen own top end boats to secure their catch of the day.