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Price for 10 Popular Bass BoatsBass Boat Base Cost (boat,trailer and motor) Bass Cat Puma FTD 20 $48,595 Crestliner 1750 Bass Hawk $31,338 Lund 1875 Crossover XS $36,651 Nitro Z21 $47,815 6 more rows …Sep 1 2022

What is the most affordable bass boat?

Top 10 Bass Boats Brands that You’ll LoveTracker Boats. If what you’re looking for is a budget-friendly boat that does not give up on you in the middle of nowhere,Tracker Boats is the place to go.Crestliner. …Ranger Boats. …Bass Cat. …Nitro Boats. …Lowe Boats. …Xpress Boats. …Lund Boats. …Skeeter. …Gambler Boats. …

How much does it cost to maintain a bass boat?

This can either be one of the highest or smallest costs. Maintenance on a boat could cost you $50 one year and $5,000 the next. Making sure you get regular tune-ups and check-ups can help you avoid significant expenses when it comes to maintenance. Fuel is another cost many people don’t take into consideration.

How much is bass boat insurance?

Surprisingly, it is cheaper than you might think. How much does bass boat insurance cost? The average annual cost of bass boat insurance is between $300 and $900 for comprehensive coverage. Liability only coverage generally costs around $100 annually.

What is the best small boat for fishing?

Understanding the Different Types of Fishing BoatsAll-Purpose Fishing Boats. These fishing boats can be used in both freshwater and saltwater,and their design has more uses than just fishing.Bass Boats. Bass boats are the boats you see on freshwater lakes and during fishing tournaments. …Center Console Boats. …Fish and Ski Boats. …Jon Boats. …Pontoon Boats. …

Latest Prices of Various Bass Boats (Top Pick)

How much is a bass boat? The bass boat pricing is shown in this part and it refers to the common brands: Nitro, Ranger, and Tracker. Take note that the ones listed here are the basic models that don’t have bells and buttons. Nonetheless, they are the latest 2021 models.

The Price Range of Bass Boats

Although $27,995 appears the lowest among the featured models, the prices of bass boats range from $10,000 to $70,000. This means that you can find affordable bass boats at the dealership.

How Expensive Is a Bass Boat

Why are bass boats so expensive? This question can bug you if you find it difficult to choose which one to buy. The most expensive bass boat is the Ranger Z521L ICON. You may compare it with a luxury car as it can cost up to $100,000.

Other Expenses on Top of the Bass Boat Cost

The bass boat or fishing boat cost is not the only thing that you have to pay attention to. On top of it, there are other expenses that you have to pay for. Before buying a bass boat, you have to know the different fees.

Points to Take Note

How much does a bass boat cost? After you get the price of the bass boat you prefer, you shouldn’t forget additional costs like tax, registration fee, insurance, and storage cost. It’s wise to have a quote of the total expense when buying an expensive investment such as a bass boat.

Different Boat Types

When it comes to fishing boats, many categories can define it. Keep in mind that the area is large, and the consumers’ needs are different. To begin with, we should first look into the material category.

Fishing Boat Size

Before deciding about the boat size, you should consider some facts that can help you along the way. Since the size directly affects the boat price and maintenance costs, your goal is to avoid overpaying it. So, it is crucial to determine a few things on time, including:

Fishing Boat Styles

Not only does the size of the fishing boat matter, but also what is your fishing goal, the place where you want to fish, and the comfort you seek.

Used Boats

The majority of consumers like to have a brand new product. Following that logic, it is clear that there are many pros to being the boat’s first owner, including:


Once you decide to purchase a fishing boat, you need to consider numerous things, including its type and price. Then, it is necessary to check the pros and cons regarding new and used models, depending on your budget and boat purpose. Finally, always buy insurance to cover the possible inconvenience and go fishing relaxed.

What is the most affordable bass boat?

According to Lenny Rudow from Boats.com, the three most affordable bass boats on the market are the Nitro Z6, Ranger Z 117, and Triton 17 Pro. He claims that he views them as the most affordable because they are relatively affordable and competent for competitors and competitions.

How much does a Pro Team boat cost?

One of the best boats that money can buy, the Pro Team fits in a budget under $20,000. While it is one of the smaller boats, it can still fit four people (two in the cockpit and two on the fishing seats). That being said, this affordable and reliable boat offers all that you need for a fishing adventure.

What is a Wieda boat made of?

This steal of a boat is found on Wieda’s Marine website. It comes with a Mercury ProXS motor and is made of fiberglass.

What is a tracker boat?

Tracker boats have a No Haggle, No Hassle motto that keeps customers from spending an outrageous amount on a boat. They are known for their durable boats and sensible prices. This boat and all other Tracker boats are protected by the Tracker Promise, which is a factory warranty.

Why is it important to have a budget when buying a boat?

Buying a boat is a big deal, and so it’s important to have a budget in mind of what you will spend because prices can skyrocket pretty quickly. In order to know that budget range though, one needs to know what the average cost of the boat will be. For any of you in the market for a bass boat, the following list will give you 39 different examples …

Is Skeeter a good boat?

Skeeter is known for providing beautiful and graceful options when it comes to boats . Although the price tag may be out of reach for a lot of us, if there was ever a good boat to splur ge money on, this would be the one. The FX 21 comes with many different features that are usually viewed as options. One ride in this boat will cause you to forget yourself in the luxury, as all the storage boxes are individually lit, the livewell is completely independent and automatic, and comes with simplified loading and offloading.

Is the Ranger Z175 a good bass boat?

For those who want a reliable bass boat that gets the job done and are working under a budget, the Ranger Z175 is a great option. It is slightly smaller and less powerful than some of the other bass boats on the market, but it still holds up as it’s known for providing reliable performance.

How much do bass boats cost?

Bass boats for sale on Boat Trader are available for a variety of prices from a sensible $7,000 on the lower-end all the way up to $110,884 for the more costly models. Models with more power can handle motors up to 300 horsepower, while the most compact and efficient utility models may have as little as 25 horsepower engines on them (although the average motor size is 150 HP).

Why are bass boats popular?

Bass boats are popular for their shallow draft and average beam, characteristics that make these boats perfect for freshwater fishing. Bass boats are also popular boats for rivers and lakes and other shallow fresh bodies of water. From our current listings, the average number of passengers that bass boats can take is 4 people with a maximum of 9. Also, with 3,699 bass boats presently listed for sale and 916 boats added in the past 30 days, Boat Trader is confident you’ll find the boat you are looking for.

How many people can a bass boat carry?

From our current listings, the average number of passengers that bass boats can carry is 4 people with a maximum of 8.

How long is a bass boat?

These types of vessels can range in size, with the smallest current boat listed at 16 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 22 feet, and an average length of 19 feet.

What is a bass boat?

Bass boats. Bass boats are known for their low sides and wide beam to help give the boat stability for unrestricted casting. This style boat is usually powered by two means – an outboard for faster travel, and a trolling motor for fishing.

Why do you need a fishing boat?

It is the next logical leap in taking your fishing game to the next level. A boat lets you explore new areas and catch a larger variety of species.

What is an aluminum boat?

Aluminum multi-species boats. The classic design of aluminum boats makes them the most versatile fishing boats on the water. Whether you go crabbing in the Puget Sound or walleye fishing on Lake Erie, there is an aluminum boat that will work for you.

How much does a fishing boat cost?

So, how much is a fishing boat going to cost? On average a new, fully equipped, fishing boat in the 16 to 20 foot range with an outboard motor, trailer and standard features will cost between $18,000 and $45,000 depending on the make and model. Additional expenses like insurance, licensing, maintenance and fuel can add up to well over $100 a month for the life of the boat.

What is the most popular boat in the US?

It’s no surprise that bass boats are the most popular boats in the US. Millions of anglers chase largemouth bass in almost every state and for every type of water there is a suitable bass boat.

How much does a kayak cost at Walmart?

Pick up a simple kayak from Walmart for $150 and you can be fishing on a local lake the same day. Storage is easy and expenses are minimal. Sun Dolphin and Pelican brand kayaks make several popular styles of fishing kayaks ranging from $400 – $900. Most come with well thought out features for anglers.

What is the most expensive fishing boat?

Saltwater boats. Saltwater boats for inshore and offshore fishing are some of the most expensive fishing boats money can buy. These specialized boats are usually made with durable fiberglass hulls with dual or center console cabins and an array of features and electronics suited for the demanding saltwater environment.

How much fuel does it cost to fish?

Cruising or trolling speeds use less fuel but frequent fishing trips can add up fast in fuel costs. Give yourself at least $50 a month for fuel during peak fishing season. Fueling up at marinas will cost you even more.

How many compartments are there in a Mercury boat?

5 compartments are located around the boat so you can store your equipment in some more places. This comes with a Mercury outboard as well as a Minn Kota trolling motor, Lowrance fishfinder and your custom trailer.

How many rods can a Lowrance hook hold?

You’re going to get a new Lowrance Hook 4x swivel color fishfinder with a transducer. With your rod holder, you’re going to be able to fit four rods up to 7′ long. There will be a 9 gallon aerated livewell that’s in the front of your console.

What motor does a Lowrance Hook 5 have?

Within this boat, you’re going to get the Lowrance Hook 5 combo swivel color fishfinders and a 24v Minn Kota trolling motor.

How many storage compartments are there on a scuba boat?

There are also 7 gear storage compartments that are around the boat, and a 15 gallon aerated livewell with timers and a bow removable bait bucket. That’s something that can really come in handy. They completely redesigned the layout of the decks for this year, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

How many gallon livewells are there in a tracker boat?

Instead of the previous 21 gallon livewell, with this boat you’re going to get a 27 gallon livewell, so that’s definitely something that’s going to add to the price of the boat, which is something that might kind of take you by surprise, but this is the biggest and most powerful Mod V that you’re going to find in all the Tracker boats.

How many livewells are there in the Revolution?

This is one of the boats that’s going to come with the Revolution hull that also comes with a smooth ride guarantee. There are two livewells, a 15 gallon in the bow, and a 21 gallon in the aft–both are aerated and they include timers.

What is a tracker mod V?

With Tracker Mod V, you’re going to get a one-piece hull that helps the V at the back of your boat become flatter so you don’t have to worry about stability or handling, because of the lower profile, this is something that really helps your boat to be able to continue through the water.