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  • What are the most expensive fly rods?

  • Most Expensive Fishing Rods and Reels: Are They Worth It?St. Croix Legend Elite. …Orvis Helios 3. …Hamachi XOS GT’n’Doggie Expedition Series. …Daiwa Saltiga G Kite Deep Drop Rod. …Penn International VI Trolling Fishing Rod. …SHIMANO Force Master 400 Electric Fishing Reel. …Orvis Mirage Fly Reel. …Penn International VI Single Speed Fishing Reel. …Daiwa Dendoh Marine Power MP 3000. …Daiwa 19 Seaborg 500MJ. …

  • What is the most expensive fly rod?

  • Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod – $4,600. An Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod starts at $4,600, thus making it the most expensive fishing rod that can be found out there on the market.

  • What size line for ice fishing walleye?

  • The horizontal side of the three way swivel attaches to a 12” fluorocarbon line tied directly to the hook and bait. Notice that the horizontal line is shorter than the vertical line; this will keep the bait off the ground. Another option is to use a 1/8 oz. jig head and hook the Emerald Shiner through the lips or head.