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People also ask

  • How does over hunting affect the natural environment?

  • Over hunting will cause the decline in the particular animals species, this will effect everything around it, for example other animals, plants and trees. It directly affects the natural environment in that it throws off natural predation and population growth of the wildlife. What can we do to stop over hunting?

  • What are some of the environmental consequences of fishing?

  • In recent years, the consequences of fishing have increasingly become the source of research interest. Much of this has been prompted by the collapse of commercially valuable fisheries, as well as the threat of extinction to many animals.

  • How does hunting help to conserve African wildlife?

  • Hunting can conserve African wildlife effectively given the right geography and political circumstances as it offers large financial incentives. It is also able to incentivise the conservation of particular species and the wider habitat in which they exist.

  • What are the benefits of burning for Biodiversity?

  • The idea that hunting increases biodiversity is paradoxical, but Bird’s research has shown direct benefits of hunting-related burning to desert fauna, particularly the monitor lizards, which are the target species for most hunting burns.