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  • How does a livewell tank on a boat work?

  • It works by pumping fresh water from the lake you are boating on into the tank and then back out. This flow of water keeps the water fresh and oxygenated, allowing fish to breath properly. How does it work? The concept of an aerated livewell is pretty simple.

  • How does a livewell work to keep fish fresh?

  • And fish like aerated water. And that is the very first and important function of a livewell. It takes water from the adjacent spaces and fills the livewell. Due to the aerated water in the chamber, the fish and bait don’t die out and stay fresh for longer periods of time.

  • Do you have to be in the water to use livewells?

  • The boat doesn’t have to be in the water for the livewells to hold water, but it has to be in the water to pump in fresh water. There are about as many Livewell applications as there are fleas on a dog! Ive had Skeeters, Rangers, and now a 1800SF Tracker, and they all have been different!

  • Why is my livewell on my legend boat overflowing?

  • This happens when water pours in faster than it drains. Either your pump is working harder than it should, or your drain is clogged. Your Legend Boats’ livewell comes equipped with a flow adjustment to control how much water pumps in. Turn this down to the desired level if you find your livewell overflowing.