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  • What does fishing do in Haven and hearth?

  • Fishing gives your character the ability to use and construct fishing rods. Fish are now a limited and localized resource, working in the same way as any other localized resource. You should notice fish jumping in the water if the area has fish.

  • What can you do with a fishing pole?

  • Fishing Poles are tools used to catch fish which is one of the staple food source early on for beginners. Be warned that fish is almost always INT food and if you live on a diet of fish you may increase your INT stat ahead of your other stats making it harder to increase them later.

  • Which is the easiest animal to kill in Haven and hearth?

  • (The easiest animals to kill are the rabbit (forest) and chicken (grassland, heath or moor). You don’t need a weapon, strength or combat skills like you do with deer and boar and other animals.) Similarly, if you don’t find spindly taproot you will need to have Farming and locate either flax or hemp and harvest them to get the fibre.

  • Which is the best hook to use for fishing?

  • The most accessible hook is the bone hook which is made from bones easily obtain from animals, particularly rabbits and chickens . Lures are objects crafted and used the same way as baits are. The difference is that lure is most likely not lost after fishing but has a low success rate.