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  • Where can you buy a fishing license in Indiana?

  • You can buy a recreational fishing license in Indiana in three ways – physically, by mail, or online. For the residents who want to buy a game fishing license online, they will have to visit the Indiana Fish and Wildlife online services portal and follow the prompts.

  • How much is a fishing license in Indiana?

  • An annual fishing license costs $17 for Indiana residents and $35 for non-residents. Indiana residents who are at least 64 years old and born after March 31, 1943 are eligible to buy a Senior Annual ($3) or Senior Fish for Life ($17) license.

  • How do you get a hunting license in Indiana?

  • To purchase an Indiana hunting license, hunters can apply online, by mail or in person. To apply online, visit the Indiana Outdoor Online Licensing system. To apply by mail, prepare a document with your personal information and send it, along with a check or money order for the license fee,…