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do nightcrawlers work for ice fishing插图

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Here’s the quick answer: Nightcrawlers can be an excellent bait for ice fishing, depending on the fish species you want to catch. They are one of the best ice fishing baits for all kinds of trout, and also work well for crappie and other panfish. Perch and bass like them on some days, but they hardly ever work for walleye during the winter.

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  • What kind of worms do you use for ice fishing?

  • Spring through Autumn, both nightcrawlers and red wigglers help anglers catch boat loads of fish. So why then, does it seem like crawlers and red worms get the boot come ice fishing season? I hear all about using waxies, maggots, spikes and minnows to catch everything from crappie to walleye. Yet, few anglers talk about baiting up with earthworms.

  • What kind of bait do you use for ice fishing?

  • Wax worms are some of the most popular live bait used for ice fishing. I’m going to explain a few different methods for hooking waxies to help you catch more fish! What Are Wax Worms? Wax worms are the larvae of the wax moth. Also known as “Waxies”, these critters are very popular amongst ice fishing anglers, especially when targeting panfish.

  • Can you use worms to catch cats in the ice?

  • Fishing for cats through the ice is no different. Scent is crucial during the low light of winter and big nightcrawlers have plenty of scent. Worms probably won’t be as effective as other stink baits but if that is all you have then go for it.

  • What kind of jig do you use for ice fishing?

  • Many ice fishing jigs have a vertical design, with a “teardrop” style jig body made of lead or tungsten. These jigs hang straight up and down. You can use the “threaded” method described above, or you can go with the “Wacky Waxie” and hook the bait crossways.