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can you use gun oil on fishing reels插图

Best answer

You can use gun oil on the spool shaft and bearings and something thicker you probably have on hand already for the gears and other non-freespoo related internals. Click to see full answer Accordingly, does gun oil work on fishing reels? it’s says yes on the bottle.

People also ask

  • Can you use 3 in 1 oil for fishing reels?

  • 3 in one oil contain basically some ingredients of which one of the ingredients is petroleum. This is not actually not good for reels generally. It is more conventional oil than synthetic oil.

  • How do you clean a fishing reel with oil?

  • Well, there is no rule on how to clean your fishing reel with oil. It is pretty easy and straight forward. Remove the spool by turning the drag knob anti-clockwise until the spool comes out loose.

  • What kind of lube do you use on a reel?

  • Another Synthetic lube I’ll use is the Ardent Reel Butter, good stuff and same here not overly expensive and comes in 1 ounce squeeze tubes, Far superior to some of the other synthetic lubes I’ve used over the years for some reason and don’t know why, this stuff once you work it into something it really sticks and won’t harden over time either.