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  • What is the fastest way to get mending books?

  • The quickest way to obtain a mending book is through a librarian. An easy way to find said librarian is by…making one. You are going to need a regular villager to begin with, and a lectern (which you can craft using 4 wooden slabs and a bookshelf).

  • Can you get mending from an enchanting table?

  • Mending is the only enchantment that cannot be applied via the enchantment table, but can be applied to any tool, weapon, or armor. It is one of only two enchantments that can be applied to any tool, weapon or armor; the other enchantment being unbreaking. Mending is incompatible with the infinity enchantment on bows.

  • Can You enchant mending?

  • In Minecraft, you can enchant the following items with Mending: Wear the Enchanted Armor. Once you have armor enchanted with Mending, you need to wear the enchanted armor. You will not gain the increased durability until the armor items are worn.

  • What does Minecraft mending enchantment do?

  • Minecraft mending is an enchantment you can apply to your tools, armor, and weapons. This enchantment allows you to bypass the standard repair process for items and directly applies earned XP, which replaces the need to use an anvil or enchanting table to repair items.