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  • What can you do in a fishing tournament?

  • By participating in fishing tournaments, you can have fun while competing with other anglers and improve your fishing skills. There are tournaments for different species, tournaments for kids, and pro fishing tournament events. Learn more about types of fishing tournament events.

  • Is there a national tournament for catfish fishing?

  • Catfish tournaments are increasing in popularity across the country. You can start fishing a regional or local catfish tournament, and then advance on to national events if you enjoy the competitive experience. As with any national fishing tournament series, these types of events generally require travel time and practice time.

  • How often do bass fishing tournaments take place?

  • Because the largemouth bass is America’s favorite freshwater game fish, it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of bass fishing tournaments held every year in almost every state. These tournaments are set up to involve anglers at every level — this includes high school events that are part of the Bassmaster Tournament series.

  • Are there any fishing tournaments for Little Kids?

  • No matter how much or how little fishing experience you have, there will be a fishing tournament that suits your abilities and interests. There are kids fishing tournament events, bass fishing tournaments, catfish tournaments, and saltwater tournaments.