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  • What is the best aluminum boat for fishing?

  • The best aluminum fishing boat for navigating very shallow water is a flat-bottom jon boat, which will skim over the surface at speed and, depending on boat size, will draw just a few inches of water at rest.

  • What is an aluminum fishing boat?

  • Aluminum Fishing boats are small, trailerable vessels generally used for on-the-water activities such as freshwater and saltwater fishing. This type of vessel can span in size from 14 feet to 28 feet with an average length of 18 feet.

  • What is a bay boat used for?

  • Bay Boat. Bay boats have a low profile. They are designed for use in shallow waters of large shallow bays, estuaries or near shore. Bay boats are 18’–24′ in length and are fiberglass because they are used in salt or brackish waters. They have more freeboard than a flats boat.

  • What is a salmon boat?

  • Definition of salmon boat. : a carvel-built open double-ended cat-rigged sailboat used for fishing on the Columbia river and along the Pacific coast to Alaska.