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The Boundary Waters fishing guide takes care of many details of your adventure, from filleting the fish, to cooking delicious meals, to teaching you paddling techniques.

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  • Where are the Boundary Waters?

  • Boundary Waters. The Boundary Waters, also called the Quetico-Superior country, is a region of wilderness straddling the Canada–United States border between Ontario and Minnesota, in the region just west of Lake Superior.

  • What is Boundary Waters camping?

  • Minnesota’’s Boundary Waters is a true canoe camping wilderness experience: no electricity, no telephone lines, no roads, no docks, no cabins, no motorboats. You can travel for days and see fewer people than you would in one of your local restaurants.

  • Where are the Boundary Waters in Minnesota?

  • The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, located in Minnesota is a unique area located in the northern third of the Superior National Forest. Over one million acres in size, it extends nearly 150 miles along the international border adjacent to Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park and is bordered on the west by Voyageurs National Park.